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Miracle Valley Bible College was founded in 1958 by Rev. A. A. Allen. The college dormitories have never experienced any 12 month period where there was no one ever staying over-night in them.

When the County Regulations were established in 1975, the dormitories had been already housing students, visitors and guests over-night. Therefore, the dormitories were grandfathered inasmuch they had continual use.

Jim Vlahovich, Director of Cochise County Planning & Zoning Department, and Pat Call, County Supervisor have never made any statement informing our office regarding various individuals or groups of people not being permitted to spend a night or nights in our dormitories.

That is, not until the Minutemen arrived. And then all of a sudden, Mr. Vlahovich informed us that we were not permitted to allow accommodations for over-night guests.

Because our college accommodated the Minutemen on our campus (for a fee of $5 per night), I was fined $9,655 - the total amount of money the Bible College received from the Minutemen during the month of April 2005.

This amount included freewill offerings we received from our church services where Minutemen attended, various donations that some of the Minutemen made to the Bible College, as well as the funds we received for serving meals to the Minutemen in our cafeteria that is certified with Cochise County Health Department as a public restaurant.

We must have a change in our County Supervisors, and this November, together we can make that change. Pat Call no longers has my support.

I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as President of Miracle Valley Bible College. Normally, I do not get directly involved in politics; however, this situation demands proper justice, something that Pat Call is not capable of.

I hope that citizens of Cochise County, District One, will join with me in voting Pat Call out of office as County Supervisor.

I also hope that the new County Supervisors will relieve James Vlahovich of any association with Cochise County. Let's see if he can earn his $135,000 per year salary doing doing something else.

Am I upset? Most certainly I am!

You see, in addition to the fine of $9,655 imposed upon myself, Mr. Vlahovich and Pat Call made sure to include an additional fine of $50 per day to be added to the $9,655 until it has been paid in full. The $50 per day equates into $1,500 per month. To this date, we have been unable to pay this fine.

This fine is ridculous and equates into total harrassment for the Bible College and our work for God.

County officials are to be servants to the public, not dictators.

Vlahovich is a dictator who must go. He makes up his rules as he goes. Vlahovich knew beyond any doubt that the dormitories at Miracle Valley Bible College had continual use since 1958, thus were grandfathered, but nevertheless, he openly defied this fact and had his way instead. Do we want this type of administration? I think not!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cindy Lou - Original Minuteman

Come on folks....join me in helping make a MIRACLE at Miracle Valley!

Remember Miracle Valley (Bible College) in Sierra Vista, AZ?

Well folks, unless there's a MIRACLE, they may lose their property.

I know it's a bad time to be asking for money, with most of us helping the Hurricane victims and everything, but folks...come on and let's do something!

If everyone of the Minutemen that stayed there could send in just $5.00, (I know you paid money while you were there but just another $5.00 more wouldn't hurt you, would it?)

And what about those Minutemen and supporters that didn't get to experience the Bible College? If you could just send just $1.00 each, it would possibly help them to keep the Bible College.

Please contact Rev. Harter or pick up a card and just add a $5.00 bill or $1.00 and send it to Miracle Valley at the address below. Every little bit will help show Rev. Harter that we appreciate what he has done for us, and will possibly help make a Miracle at Miracle Valley.

If you were able to experience Miracle Valley (the Bible College) during April, and have also been to other missions at the border since April, then you know how convenient it was to have four walls, a bunk, showers and a Community center (not to mention the cafeteria) that was all within the same property.

It wasn't free, we paid to stay there but looking back at the entire picture and it was well worth the costs, wasn't it? Now, we should dig into our wallets again but this time it is for the survival of the Bible College.

If they don't get the help they need, the next time we go to Arizona we could most likely see nothing but empty property with cement foundations, where the buildings once stood. And that's a picture that I don't want to see.

Please consider joining me in sending in a small amount to the Harters to help them in keeping the Bible College.

They put their necks on the line to help the Minuteman Project and the Minutemen, and now because of high legal bills they've had to pay to fight the County (that was against us), they've gotten far behind.

If you know of a media source that is Minuteman friendly, please forward this email AND the contact info of Dr. Harter onto them and ask them to call him for an interview.

Let's all come together and send in just a dollar or five.

Cindy Lou'
(Original Minuteman, worked as gate Security at Bible College April, 1-30th.)
Dear Brother Harter,

I've learned by my internet browsing that you are having trouble because of your support of the Minutemen. Don't give up the ship!

It is my belief that the border security is being torn down because there is a plan by the New World Order people to destroy all borders everywhere, and turn the North American Continent into a version of the European Union.

To give back that part of the land to Mexico, and tear stars off our flag is not right.

So you just have to stand your ground for what is right in the sight of God and patriotism.

You are not alone. Just keep praising and standing for right.

Rose E Pappas
Chicago, IL

Alumni - Miracle Valley Bible College (Rev. A. A. Allen - 1960s)
Summary: The former HQ of the April 2005 Minuteman Project is facing heavy fines for hosting the MMP.

Here's what you can do to help.
Post this story:

Below is an appeal from Dr. Harter, minister of the Miracle Valley Bible College, where the original Minuteman Project was headquartered in April 2005.

In a short time, many people have forgotten that MMP was the spark that got the whole nation's attention focused on illegal immigration and how feasible it was for the government to actually close the border IF THEY WANTED TO.

The Minutemen showed that it could be done, and for ONE MONTH, Cochise County, which is right on the Southern AZ border with Mexico, was safe.

Many residents of the area said that they were able to sleep at night, and that their dogs were not barking incessantly from illegals skulking around their property.

Those of you who were not there or did not know anyone who had gone have no idea what a sea change and what a great victory this was.

This whole issue is about zoning, and comes down to a corrupt local government.

Miracle Valley sits on a prime piece of real estate, and it is RURAL.

I strongly suspect that certain individuals in Cochise County would love to force MVBC into foreclosure so that they could buy the property for themselves.

Dr. Harter and his wife Roberta have struggled for 8 years to restore the MVBC to its former self.

While I am not a Pentecostal, and disagree with them on a number of religious issues, I can guarantee you that the Harters are stone cold patriots and they are with us 100%.

I spent some time down there getting to know them and doing some volunteer work.

No matter what your beliefs, there is magic on the land in Miracle Valley.

The decision to host the MMP was a costly one for the Harters.

They have spent over $8,000 in legal fees fighting this $10,000 fine. So now their true costs are almost $20,000.

If you are a Christian, will you do the Christian thing and help your fellow believers?
And if you live in Cochise County, remember to register to vote, and see what you can do to get these corrupt officials OUT OF OFFICE.

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Dick noyes wrote on Feb 14, 2008 4:25 PM:

"Boy! Sometimes things are really really Wrong!!!!!!!!!!"


Curious wrote on Feb 15, 2008 10:42 AM:

"Seems to me that if they did some praying while they were there or had a bible class or two, it would be OK.

Yep, I would say the county targeted him - but they can use the extra money to help pay for illegal health care."

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